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Your Body Resolution - aka YBR is the parent brand that has launched YBR Dance  and YBR Kids preschool  & afterschool program. 

Karina Hannan is the founder of YBR and her profile will help customers better understand the YBR Mission.

Information on all teachers @ both YBR Dance Newtown and YBR Kids will be detailed on this page soon!

Diploma registered personal trainer, exercise therapist, dance teacher, choreographer & specialised childrens instructor

"Karina Hannan CEO/Founder of Your Body Resolution - Industry specialist"



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MANAGEMENT | Karina Hannan
0416 239 875
18a Enmore Road Newtown
Opposite opporto and above Saray

Karina Hannan, has an array of experience in the fitness and dance industries for over 20 years. First and foremost a dancer and choreographer of Jazz, Ballet (R.A.D), Tap (B.A.L) & Zumba. She is also registered with Fitness Australia and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, her mission is to help you reach your best physical, emotional and health goals She has been recognised in Sydney's The Beast magazine as a 'local favourite' amongst her clients and by esteemed health company Wonder Feminine Care Products where she was Jenny Wonder's personal trainer and health care advisor. Wonder offer a forum for women's health and Karina frequently answered questions on their site.


Her musculoskeltal knowledge allows her the ability to help all walks of life with injury prevention, rehabilitation and help dancers and her young students reach their best physical goals via prescribed dance and movement training.


As a teacher & creator of the valued YBR Kids Dance Health and Fitness program which is vastly growing at primary schools and preschools in sydney. She is now recruiting and mentoring dancers and fitness professionals to execute the program along with her valuable teaching techniques to best captivate and engage students. Her mission and portfolio in this industry includes training children to deliver gross motor and dance skills beyond their expected year/level.

Karina is not only a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist, she is also an Exercise Therapist, who is qualified and passionate about helping her clients heal or minimise any pain they may be experiencing due acute or chronic injuries or illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes whilst they reach their goals. She aims to address every aspect of your body and health as holistically as she can, combining exercise and massage therapy to gain the best possible results for your time and money.

Karina knows pain and personally suffered multiple conditions following a life time of dancing, almost losing her mobility. Doctors told her she would no longer be able to dance let alone live a pain-free life that  would require two hip replacements, which she was too young for. She couldn't lift a two litre bottle of milk, struggled to walk and had to give away her dance school. Today, after 3 years of hard work and determination, Karina is fully rehabilitated, pain-free and in full control of her degenerative disease of the hips and lumbar spine, herniated disks, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, meniscal tear and arthritis,  and other conditions that surfaced when she was ill. Karina now has her own original working hips, can still dance and enjoys the wonderful world of physical movement that she almost lost. She now works hard, healing all of her clients' conditions, from the mild to the extreme.


Registered Exercise Therapist/Personal Trainer/
Massage Therapist
Registered with Australian Traditional
Medicine Society (Membership # 24764)
Fitness Australia – (Membership # 043907)
Diploma Fitness/Cert IV Remedial Massage Therapy
Cert IV Fitness/Cert III Fitness/Cert IV Small Business/Cert III Business
Exercise Professional Specialised Trainer/ Older Adults Trainer/
Children’s Trainer/Gym Instructor/Dance Teacher Choreographer/
Senior and Advanced First Aid + CPR Certified

Diploma of  Fitness
Anatomy & Physiology
Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Sports Nutrition
Sports Psychology
 Advanced Exercise  Physiology
Advanced Functional Assessments in Sport
Sports Recreation and Society
Fitness & Sports Management
Exercise Therapy
Fitness I: Fitness Principles and applications                 
Fitness II: Weight and Cardio
Fitness III: Group Fitness
Fitness IV: Special Populations
Fitness V: Personal Trainer
Fitness VI: Advanced Exercises Level 1
Fitness VII: Advanced Exercises Level 2
Functional Assessments in Sport
 Gym Practice 1 Personal Training
Gym Practice 2 Personal Training
First Aid – Senior and advanced
Occupational Health and Safety
Professional Development
Symptomatology and Diagnoses – Fundamentals
Symptomatology and Diagnoses – Sports Injuries
Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
Massage I: Basic/Swedish Massage
Massage II: Remedial TechniquesMassage III: Assessment and Protocols
Clinical skills for manual therapists
Trigger Points and techniques
Assessments and Protocols
Business planning & management
Manage a Practice

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