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About YBR Dance Newtown

We are all about families and kids. Creating a warm nurturing second home for kids who want to learn. We do not enforce expensive uniforms or shoes. 

We have mostly recreational classes,  but also offer professional classes for kids who are more serious about their craft and want to be involved in performance opportunities. 

Most kids walk into the studio and quickly own it as their second home. Children like to hang child, play games, read books, colour or eat from our self serve fridge canteen or have a cheese toasties made for them by their favourite teacher. 

We have a wide variety of talented and inspirational teachers who are very passionate about their art but first and foremost have a genuine love for kids. We have a mix of Gymnastics Acro Teachers, Circus Acro teachers. Street Dance Teachers as well Jazz or R.A.D trained teachers. We can offer almost any style of dance at the studio because of our large well rounded teacher crew. 

We consider ourselves experts at inspiring children to achieve skills beyond their age level expectation. We deliver classes in a explosive and fun format, your child will learn and never want to leave the studio. Both boys and girls love all classes which are tailored to suit both genders.


We are patient, dedicated and our mission is to help your child exceed their personal best with out any stress or pressure. We welcome any child with special needs.

Please choose from the two timetable formats offered on this page. Watch our youtube channel to see what our classes and teachers look like.

NRL, AFL & Soccer Game performance opportunities

At YBR Dance Newtown all of our kids enrolled in dance classes will be invited to many game performances for the NRL Bulldogs, AFl Giants and a pending soccer club.


Because we have a very powerful boys crew. We are proudly involved in selecting and training the NRL Bulldogs Boys Dance crew, who gain centre focus performance time @ many games through out the year.

Many of our dance teachers are professial NRL Cheerleaders which is why we now offer All Star Cheer @ YBR Dance Newtown for girls and boys.

YBR Dance Newtown


Please note class rates drop when you enroll in multiple classes!

Watch this space!

6-6.45pm - Private Lessons
7.15 - 8pm - Latin Dance & Fitness Club - Open class for adults and older students

Similar to a Zumba fitness class but also includes core strength and conditioning elements. Includes, Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata, Reggaeton, Samba, Bollywood and so much more! 1 Class for $20 or 3 classes per week for $35 - include the family $10 per extra family member.

6.30 - 7.15pm - Boys Crew - over 10's
7.15 - 8
pm - Latin Dance & Fitness Club - Open class for adults and older students.

6.30 - 7.15pm - Girls Crew -

7.15 - 8pm - Latin Dance & Fitness Club - Open class for adults and older students

3-5.30pm - Newtown Public Pick up service
(Includes Warm up club + the following two dance classes)


4-4.45pm - Diverse Dance Fitness & Conditioning

Warmup with high energy dance fitness routines and/or a fitness circuit to stimulate their endorphins, in order to gain the best of their attention spans. Once their muscles are warm, we will stretch for safety!  We will also complete exercises to increase posture and core strength. Dance fundamentals to encourage balance, coordination, flexibility and rhythm. This system allows us to give each child individual assistance in areas they may struggle with. This class is diverse and will cover an array of dance styles including Hip Hop, JFH & Latin Styles such as cha cha, Samba, Cumbia, and Salsa. Very popular and loved by both boys and girls

4.45- 5.30pm - Hip Hop & Breaking

Now the kids are super pumped and warmed up, we will dive straight into learning Hip Hop, Breaking & Tricking skills. This is where the children will learn a routine, carefully broken down and explained by the famous Mr Owen. We will finish the class with a competitive rhythm game which is loved by most kids.


9-9.9.45am - Watch this space
9.45 - 10.30amWatch this space


MANAGEMENT | Karina Hannan
0416 239 875
18a Enmore Road Newtown
Opposite opporto and above Saray
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