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Location is TBD

2020 Dance Specs

Please select the performances you would like your child to be involved in - please ensure you can commit to the full rehearsal dates as you will unfortunately forfeit your place if there is a no show or are longer then 30 minutes late.

2020 Dance Specs
2020 Dance Specs

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About The Event

3 x Dance Spectacular game performances on offer for the YBR Dance Kids this 2020!

1. Soccer Wanders @ Bankwest Stadium - Saturday 11th April (performance time approx 4.30pm) - Field Rehearsal same day as performance @ Bankwest stadium. Newtown group rehearsal Saturday 21st March @ 2-4pm

2. AFL Giants @ Spotless Stadium - Saturday 16th May (performance time approx 4.10pm) - Field Rehearsal date 10th May @ Spotless Stadium 9.30-11am. Newtown Group rehearsal Saturday 2nd May @ 2-4pm

3. NRL Canterbury Bulldogs @ ANZ Stadium - Date TBC expected to be last game @ ANZ Stadium likely the 27th June but the date is not set so expecting to be no sooner then late June TBC. There will also be a field rehearsal date tbc and Newtown group rehearsal Saturday 6th June @ 2-4pm also subject to change to a few weeks later. 

All times above are subject to mild changes. Minimum age requirement is 7 years old. If you have a mature 6 year old and they want to join they may be considered. Please ask Miss Karina 

Shoes - White runners - preferably high tops.

Kids need a Red YBR Tshirt for Wanderers - Orange YBR Tshirt for Giants - Blue YBR Tshirt for Bulldogs.

Kids can absolutely can reuse their shirts from last year. 

If you do not have tshirts, you will need to purchase tshirts for each dance spec to choose to participate in. (if they don't already have it). Prices are as follows:

TShirt Cost - $30 per tshirt

Each Dance spec will require a $10 rehearsal fee - please only comit to these events if you can commit to the game day be prepared to arrive 2 -3 hours prior to performance time and commit to the Newtown rehearsal. Non attendance or lateness past 30 minutes will forfeit your childs place as there are too many formations in this years routines. It will be difficulat for the kids to not have all bodies at rehearsal. I always prefer to be flexible but this year non rehearsal attendance will be impossible to conduct. 

Any question please send them to the Whats app group and please let me know if your are not on the YBR Whats app group so you do not miss out on important updates. Once added please keep all questions to the group and please try to avoid sending messages outside of the group as on performance days I will only have the capacity to answer on the group platform  as I will be managing many kids and assisting the organiser of the overall dance specs. 

Many thanks,

Miss Karina

0416 239 875


  • Tshirt - Please select quantit

    If you are attending 3 dance specs please select 3 tshirts or 6 if sibblings etc. You will be asked to list the dance specs you are attending on registration page

  • Rehearsal fee - quantity?

    Please select 3 rehearsals if your child is attending 3 dance specs etc




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